OpenQubit Scientific Computing Portal

Status: Not Yet Started. Seeking Volunteers.
Start Date: N/A
End Date: N/A
Project Leader:Robert Chin (WebMaster)

Goals: is to become a portal for scientific computing focusing on four major areas: genetic algorithms/programming, quantum computing, artificial intelligence, and neural networks. The site will feature links, articles/tutorials, book reviews, news, a bulletin board system, among other things. We hope to turn into an informative site for beginners and professionals alike.

NewSpin QC Simulation Engine

Status: Active Development
Start Date: 12/98
End Date: None Set.
Project Leader:Yan Pritzker
Primary Language: C++

NewSpin is a quantum computing simulation engine that aims to be eventually powerful and robust enough for industrial quantum computing simulations. Since there is not yet a physical quantum computer of any significant size, a simulator allows for the development of quantum algorithms without such a machine at hand. Currently in development, the NewSpin simulator will eventually include such features as simulation of noisy environments for the testing of error correction codes and distributed simulation.

Important Discussion Archives

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