05/06/00 – Resignation

Yan Pritzker @ 04:00:22 PM

I have already posted to the list, but have not updated the webpage on this matter. Due to my involvement in a business venture, I no longer have time to act as a project leader for this group. I have posted the OpenQubit project to UFO (http://ufo.sourceforge.net/faq.shtml) as having no maintainer. I hope that someone can take over, and lead the project into new horizons (I wanted to create a scientific computing e-zine). Good luck to everyone.

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10/17/99 – Hard Drive Corrupted

Yan Pritzker @ 01:59:13 PM

Well, I tried to install NT4 today and it wiped out my paritition table. Now I can’t boot Windows or Linux and I lost all of the OQ stuff I was working on. Hopefully within the next week I will find a way to restore the data (or at least some of it) or else I will start with a new set up and it may be a while until I can resume work on the simulator.

09/28/99 – Spin 4 [Joe Nelson]

Yan Pritzker @ 02:55:01 PM

Joe Nelson has rewritten much of the Spin core and has tentatively titled his release ns4, or Spin 4. He writes “Well, I rewrote all of spin except for the gate code, which I’m working on now. The QSelector makes things very clean, and of course it’s all map-based like ns3.3” The full text of his message is available here and the source is available here.

07/21/99 – OQ Website Expansion Planned

Yan Pritzker @ 10:05:25 AM

In the next couple weeks, the OpenQubit website will become a portal for quantum computing on the web. Through the hard work of our members and our webmaster Robert Chin, we hope to make OpenQubit the most informative quantum computing site on the Internet. We will also be moving the pages to a new server with more bandwith. My plans are to eventually evolve the OpenQubit page into a page on scientific computing with a focus on quantum computing. The OpenQubit quantum computer simulator project will henceforth be known as NewSpin to distinguish the simulator from the rest of the site.

07/18/99 – NewSpin 3.2

Yan Pritzker @ 12:59:50 PM

Yes, I finally did it. I got off my [butt] and released the code I’ve been working on. It uses the compressed1D MTL class to store amplitudes, thus saving space and allowing you to have registers of large size without using a large amount of memory. It is available here.

New Papers
Simulation of Quantum Computation on Intel-Based Architectures
By: Yan Pritzker
Gzipped Postscript
An excellent paper introducing both Quantum Mechanics and the simulation of it on computers. Written by the founder of the OpenQubit Quantum Computing Group.

Simulation of Quantum Computing
By: Bernhard Oemer
HTML (Online)
This paper gives a general introduction to quantum computing and deals with the problems of simluating quantum computers on classical hardware. As an example, a simulation of Shor’s factorization algorithm is presented.

Quantum Physics and Computers
By: Adriano Barenco
Gzipped Postscript
Recent theoretical results confirm that quantum theory provides the possibility of new ways of performing efficient calculations.

Code Base
Stable: 0.2.0
The first public release of the OpenQubit stable source code.

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Development: 0.3.3a
The Latest and Greatest.

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